Friendly Cholesterol CAESAR SALAD

This Vegan Caesar Salad is delicious! The Caesar Salad dressing is made with raw cashews to make it creamy along with lemon juice, Dijon, garlic and capers. [adinserter block="3"] CAN…

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1000 Calorie Diet and Meal Plan

WARNING!1000 Calories per day is only suitable for a small framed woman who engages in minimal amounts of exercise. If you intend to follow such a restricted diet it is very…

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Air Fried Shishito Peppers

Air Fried Shishito Peppers come out charred and blistered with the air fryer, which uses much less oil! A squeeze of lemon over the top and they are delicious! [adinserter…

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Caprese Salad

Caprese Salad or Insalata Caprese is a simple salad of fresh mozzarella and tomatoes topped with basil and a splash of balsamic. A perfect end of summer appetizer or side…

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Mashed Cauliflower

Mashed Cauliflower is essentially a creamy cauliflower puree that makes a delicious low-carb or keto alternative to mashed potatoes. [adinserter block="4"] Mashed Cauliflower If you’re not concerned about cutting the…

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Air Fryer Bacon Wrapped Scallops

Air Fryer Bacon Wrapped Scallops are so easy, made with just two ingredients! Elegant enough to impress guests yet easy enough to make any weeknight for your family. [adinserter block="4"]…

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